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Since 2009, DIr Incorporated has grown by acquisition to become the successful company it is today. The secret? Our companies maintain their established and well-earned identity, reputation, brand, customer relationships, and culture. We employ a segmented operating model designed to improve speed and responsiveness to our customers across our businesses, empower local leadership to drive performance and execute key decisions, and foster cross-functional sharing of best practices. This structure promotes a business-owner mindset among our individual leaders and combines the personal attention of a small-to-medium sized company with the strength and support of an industry leader.

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DIR Incorporated

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Petersen International Services

Vander Incorporated

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Vander Properties


Sunwood USA

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Advanced Engine

AMG Bolting Solutions

Ausco Brakes

Permalatt Products

What to Expect

What happens once I provide my financial information?
Once you provide your financial information, either on the web or by filling out an application, a credit counseling session is scheduled to be held over the phone.


When will I get my certificate so I can file my Bankruptcy?
Upon completion of the telephone consultation, a certificate will be issued and copies will be supplied to you and your attorney, if you have retained one.

Once my attorney receives the certificate, will my bankruptcy automatically be filed?
You will need to call your attorney’s office to verify if anything else is needed for your filing. It may be necessary to provide updated information.

We pride ourselves on providing efficient and courteous services for our clients.

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